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smut? you do smut with ghosts? are you trying to scare me to death? I’m in love with the smutty!ghost idea. like, so much in love. <3

Heck yeah there’s smut with ghosts! Koz finds it a little weird, so he blindfolds himself so that he can’t see that he can’t see the ghost ;D And then promptly gives ghost!Jack one helluva blow job. It’s pretty epic. 

Koz in glasses



RotG fic: The Haunting of Overland House 2/4

TitleThe Haunting of Overland House 2/4

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Koz and his daughter have moved into a loft in a small town in Virginia. It’s spacious and it has a great view over the lake, but they didn’t realise that a ghost called Jack came with it. 

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RotG fic: Counterweight 26/?


Title: Counterweight 26/?

Rating: NC-17 

Word count: 1159

Summary: The fundraiser is insufferably dull and Jack goes onto the balcony for a smoke. When a tall dark stranger named Pitch follows him, suddenly it’s not so dull any more.

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❝ Anonymous asked: are you going to update THWOD any time soon? I don't mean to be rude i am just so in love with it

Thank you! :3 The next part is with my beta now, so it depends what she has to say about it and how much work is needed! Hopefully it will be soonish, but I have a busy few weekends coming up (Night Vale and MCM London!), and that’s when I usually have free time to get my edits done. But maybe, if the stars align, next week???? Definitely before the end of the month. 

RotG fic: The Haunting of Overland House 1/?


Title: The Haunting of Overland House 1/?

Rating: NC-17

Note: Someone prompted linddzz and I kind of hijacked it. Sorry, anon. 

Summary: Koz and his daughter have moved into a loft in a small town in Virginia. It’s spacious and it has a great view over the lake, but they didn’t realise that a ghost called Jack came with it. 

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Reblogging because I have FINALLY finished this! I’ll be posting a new chapter each Friday for the rest of October, ending on Halloween. 


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Source | ^(OvO)^

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point taken. December is one thing that didn’t figure in my equation. Teach me more about airbnb, master.

Yeah, December really drives the price up but the gluhwein is worth it :D 

For airbnb, the main thing is to know what you want (eg somewhere downtown or are you okay being further out; is a private room okay or do you want a whole apartment to yourself), to read the description fully  and to read the reviews. The last is most important - that’s where you’re going to find out what the place is really like. The main thing I look for - other than whether or not the place is nice, and the photos are accurate - are comments about the location - transport links and stores etc nearby.

Take them with a grain of salt, of course - at the place we stayed in Boston, there were a few reviews saying it was a long way from the T station but it was a five minute walk. People have different expectations I guess. But everywhere I’ve stayed with airbnb has been amazing, and I totally recommend it. You can get incredible places for hostel prices. We had a whole two bed apartment in Budapest, right in the centre, for about £20/night for the whole place. 

Oh but I wouldn’t stay somewhere that has no reviews. I have a friend who made that mistake. She said that the place was a total mess, and she didn’t feel safe with the host. She called airbnb and they sorted her out straightaway, but I wouldn’t risk it. 

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*staring at that price tag* really check booking.com. Not a hotel but wayyy cheaper.

Oh believe me, I’m good at finding cheap holidays/accommodation. I’m a huge fan of airbnb but this is London in December. Cheap ain’t really an option xD And to be honest, I want a nice hotel in central London near a tube station. I’ve stayed in some dives in London, so now I’d rather just pay the extra and have somewhere nice :)

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 I’m hoping to arrange another meet with Clare (adelaiderain) for Christmas in London this year, as we did last year for some Christmas Fayre Fun, and maybe even a night’s lodging so we can have a nerdy sleepover XD

Ahhh I still haven’t replied to your text, I’m sorry Dx I’m in super-budget mode at the minute so that I’ll be able to save enough to quit work next year and concentrate on my writing, BUT I should have enough for one night! The Marriott is super fancy (but still cheap for London) and it’d be £65/each for the first Saturday in December?

The breakfast is nice but not worth the money, we could get cupcakes from Tesco for breakfast instead. Cupcakes for breakfast are always a good idea!

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